Our recreational adult clinics cover all the bases. Improve your technique, get a workout, have fun and meet new playing partners. Clinics for all levels.

$80 / 1.5 hr single session

$720 / package of 10

See scheduling below

What Clinic Should I Sign Up For ? 

Sign up for the clinic that best describes your current level of play. This will allow you and other participants to have the most fun and reap the greatest benefit from our programs!

  • Beginner

    If you're new to the game and still learning to rally and keep the ball in play, this is the perfect clinic for you! Develop sound tennis fundamentals from the ground up.

    Mon: 9 AM

  • Advanced Beginner, NTRP 2.5

    Maybe you've been playing for a few months to a year now. Hopefully at least once or twice a week. Or perhaps you dabbled in the game a few years ago but need to review the basics and get some repetitions to get back into the groove. You can keep a short rally going at slow to moderate pace. You're still working on perfecting your strokes and footwork.

    Tues: 9 AM

  • Intermediate, NTRP 3.0-3.5+

    You can serve with consistency. Your ground game is fairly reliable and you can hit with accuracy and some spin. You may need some additional work on your transition and net game. And employing the continental grip may need some work. You're aiming toward reliable consistency on all of your strokes.

    Tue: 10:30 AM

    Thu: 9 AM

    Fri: 10:30 AM

    Sat: 9 AM

  • Advanced NTRP 3.5-4.0

    If you can hit with depth, consistency & spin, have some shot variety off both forehand and backhand sides, then jump into this clinic. You likely have an outstanding attribute (a strong shot or exceptional movement) around which you structure your game. You're comfortable playing from all areas of the court. 

    Mon: 10:30 AM 

    Thu: 10:30 AM

    Sat: 10:30 AM